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people that look like me
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People that Look Like Me

A collection of thirty new poems looking at life, love and the challenges of life in America,…

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Journey of translations

The languages my books have been translated into so far (March 31, 2012) : French German Spanish…

ghost town
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Ghost Town : an elegy to the demise of humankind

Some remarkable changes happened to the world in lockdown because of the novel virus pandemic disease. The…

enchanted by i-scream
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I-Scream and The Fun Bunch

Okay, I am back to my blog after some months away. A lot has happened since then….

Book Launch for Gathering the Words 2
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Book Launch for Gathering the Words

Join me for a day of celebrating both my birthday and the release of my book, Gathering…

From Ibadan With Love 3
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From Ibadan With Love

My childhood years were spent in Ibadan, in a once prosperous middle class neighbourhood, where gentrification currently…

250,000 acres of pain 4
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250,000 acres of pain

‘Yes, my dear young man, the country has now been stolen by soldiers who are only bandits…

Forty Thieves and the African Taleswagon 5
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Forty Thieves and the African Taleswagon

From the local British Council Library you could borrow four books or so for a couple of…

Tales retold for contemporary reading 6
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Tales retold for contemporary reading

Children are creative readers, my childhood imaginations were formidable. Reading a story or listening to a folktale…

Lights, Chimera, Action! 7
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Lights, Chimera, Action!

In front of my office is a children’s nursery school, and listening to the little ones recite…

D.O Fagunwa
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Of Stock Tales and Enfants Terribles

Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmole by D.O Fagunwa, is widely considered the first novel written in the…

Gathering Words - An Introduction 8
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Gathering Words – An Introduction

I see him at the beginning of faint memory, a three year old boy. I see him…

Gathering The Crooked Bullet 9
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Gathering The Crooked Bullet

One of my favourite comedy films is The Black Bird, featuring a constantly harrased detective called Sam…

man contemplates God
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The mathematics of God

Sam Fajana spoke confidently and fluently as if he were reading from a book. ‘There exists a…

The man who fell under anointing 10
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The man who fell under anointing

 Femi had one occasion found himself in queue for laying of hands one Saturday breakfast meeting. It…

The return of the drummer 11
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The return of the drummer

The old man finished his lunch and stared out for a while out through the wide window…

The Incredible Pianist 12
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The Incredible Pianist

I once attended a church where the piano player had no idea how to play the damn…

The Interrogation - protest tale of an angry wordsmith 13
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The Interrogation – protest tale of an angry wordsmith

This is a “protest” story I wrote in 2006 in London. It is as usual a surrealistic…

The importance of not following your dream 14
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The importance of not following your dream

Denrele woke up smiling, passionately hugging and kissing his pillow. He could hear loud knocks, but they…

Jagunlabi's Garden - a political parable 15
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Jagunlabi’s Garden – a political parable

Sugomu woke up one morning to find with alarm that someone had planted a farm in the…

Herbie Wayne Connects With God 16
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Herbie Wayne Connects With God

            The large room lit by a single conical black-light lamp, vibrated with the frantic throb of…

Denge's Last Stand 17
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Denge’s Last Stand

Denge’s Last Stand ? They could hear the whack-whack sound of the helicopter as it circled overhead….

Femi Suffers a Heartbreak 18
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Femi Suffers a Heartbreak

Femi suffers a heartbreak 🙁 The next day, Sunday, was even more unkind to him. He had…

The Tension in the Air - a Reminiscence 19
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The Tension in the Air – a Reminiscence

3.15 pm I have arrived at the Owerri airport , having pre-booked my flight by phone while…

The Superior Machine : Mother 20
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The Superior Machine : Mother

Some men still disagree with me that women are superior . Okay let us look at this…

The Final Draft 21
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The Final Draft

Writing the final draft of a long story is usually a very euphoric experience. Sometimes you momentarily…

On Mothers' Day 22
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On Mothers’ Day

So many jokes get posted on social media these days about how it is difficult to understand…

The Good Life 23
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The Good Life

The game is not over, until the last over. I think a good life will be like…