22 December - Clarks goes to shoe heaven 1

22 December – Clarks goes to shoe heaven

The tramway ran right in the front of my hotel – connecting most parts of Frankfurt. I remembered with amusement that i once suggested such a mode of transport to a friend about three decades ago , as a solution to the transportation challenges of Lagos and he quite assured me that I was indeed a fake engineer who shouldn’t have been permitted to graduate from university. He had a point I now realized . These things would require an awful amount of electricity.to run. And in a country where six hours of electricity in a day couldn’t be guaranteed, such a solution should indeed count as a ridiculous suggestion.

I purposed this day to see much more to Frankfurt than the previous day. After doing some grocery purchases at the neighborhood Rewe and Woolworth supermarkets which were today open, I thought to hunt down some more tourists eye candy via Hauptwache and Konstableplatz.

I got off the underground at Hauptwache and decided to take a stroll through the busy market and crowd to the next station.. Moving around underground wasn’t a sensible way to do your tourism, I reasoned. Along the way, I got the feeling something was wrong with my left shoe as it now appeared bigger. They were, well patina-ed brown leather Clarks Active Air which I had purchased seven years ago for a princely sum of £80 sterlings and which had since then served me without complaint whenever called upon. I took a better look at the shoe when I got to Konstanleplatz station and found that the sole had nearly become entirely detached.

Playing safe, I headed back to base , Alas the faulty sole finally became detached on the escalator at Alter Oper station. I subsequently entertained many passers-by for several minutes as I limped along with one unshod foot until I could buy a cheap emergency replacement. This should give several kids something to have a good laugh about tonight together with their parents – the black dude walking along on the freezing pavement with only one shoe. Never leave any environment without making an impression , is my motto.

I exited this time at Liepzig-Strasse which would require that I passed though the shops before getting to my hotel. I limped along looking for a place to buy a cheap pair of sneakers in replacement. Alas there was none , so I decided to return to the hotel, the day ruined, and regretting that I should be leaving for Berlin next day. At the hotel I gave the shoes a hero’s burial in the hotel trash bucket. Sadly Clarks didn’t make them in that model anymore.

Later in the night, while eating dinner, my blue-chip client whose website I minded for them, contacted me to advise they had challenges with their website. I called up the hosting company but the poor response only worsened the day for me. Nevertheless, I rolled up my sleeves and got working deep into the night to fix the issue. The problem resolved, I finally could go to sleep , very tired and praying not to have my problems compounded by missing my flight next morning.


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22 December - Clarks goes to shoe heaven 2