27 December - Auf wiederhersen 1

27 December – Auf wiederhersen

It’s D-day , returning home. Not wanting a repeat of my flight from Lagos with the drunk guy I had my ticket upgraded to Business Class. Flight from Terkel to Frankfurt-am-main was smooth and on time. Takeoff from Frankfurt was delayed for 5 hours though on account of snow. I never thought this could ever be possible.

See whom I discovered sittig next to me on my #Lufthansa flight back home from Frankfurt. Obafemi Martins played professional football in Seattle, USA. This Lufthansa flight had no First Class so he ended up beside me in Business Class. Being a non-football person I didn’t for a long while know who he was until the pilot and nearly the entire crew came to kneel and worship him , to take pictures with him and to ask for his autograph. Great to be famous……I mean him of course.

27 December - Auf wiederhersen 2


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27 December - Auf wiederhersen 3