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Day 6 : Metro Man
Day 5: A Dinner Date With Myself
Day 4 : An Evening Amidst the Dunes
Day 3: Wary Gatekeepers
Day 2: Most wondrous edifice
Day 1 : The forecourt of a wealthy king
If You See Me Walking...
An Incipient Sodom
The Incredible Pianist
The urgent task ahead
Going Bata Dancing
The existence of God
The Greatest Woman That Ever Lived - A Tribute
Donation appeal for the OpenGriot project
On winning a literary prize
Writers that I hate
An author contemplates the ebook mirage in a publishing desert
Literary agents, crooks and contests
150+ places to hear me online
160+ places to read me online
Sponsor Two Dogs
Tales from Tambolo : An excerpt
An irreverent summary of world beliefs
My family 50 years ago
Daddy left...
Big tings a gwan!
Flying On The Highway - an advertisement for myself
Life is cricket
How To Read Fiction: A Beginner’s Guide to the Writings of Rotimi Ogunjobi
A disciple of Baron Munchausen
GLEANINGS : From Along the Highway of Time - A Book Launch
Two Dogs – How To Read Satire
Timi Ogunjobi also known as Lon Reese
Gangnam Style
Half of a yellow truth - Achebe's Biafra
The Crooked Bullet a novel (a summary)
Thank you sirs we are mad, not poor
How to write like a rock star (2) - write a children's book in 2 weeks.
How to write like a rock star - earning money in online writing opportunities
Why capitalism prospers
On demanding people
How secret is your secret ?
On sermon mongering
The Crooked Bullet ... progress ...progress
Excruciating ?
Looking at the devil
Love isn't
Stay in contact with your mind
I do .. that is why I sometimes fail


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