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160+ places to read me online

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Great news! The ebook versions of most of my books are now available in over 160 online shops. You don't have to read them from hardware-intensive sites like Kindle or Nook either . Any device that can read .epub or .mobi files can grab them.
Maybe you have fallen so much in love with me and thinking, wow! now where can I see something that he's written and keep it under my pillow every night. Or heck, maybe you now hate me so much and thinking, wow! now where can I find something that he has written and give him bad press. This is your opportunity. You can get my ebooks at the following shops and more:
Amazon Kindle
Ceebo (and 73 affiliated shops)
Ciando (and 79 partner shops)
Mondia Media
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Now what are you waiting for? Get reading!

(All books available as ebooks from November 2013)