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The Auntie Mo Story

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My interests are severely eclectic - the calling of a writer demands wide knowledge and even wider ability to seek and accumulate more knowledge. It is a native obsession. While it is necessary for a creative writer to be able to imagine beyond the ordinary, the calling of an inventor requires more than this minimal eccentricity; his is a constant battle to escape the surreal ectoplasm within which he resides. It is a native resignation.
During the last few years I have conscripted friends and family into several projects, some of which don’t even seem to make any sense at all, at least to them. Eyes say so much and, I do empathise. The truth is that the reason for much of what I do everyday only eventually reveal even to me many years later, as just another little piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle which I now wisely call “The Big Picture”, my God-given big picture . Therefore I faithfully soldier on; it is an existential toil.
I am grateful for those who remained with me, even when they didn’t and still don’t actually understand what I am doing, but hold my hand anyway from the mere belief that this crazy old man lacks the capacity to hurt anyone, least of all financially.

For the actualisation of Auntie Mo Kids Radio , a vision and mission which came to me about six years ago, I thank the following :
Auntie, Mama, Mrs Mimie Oshodin for providing constant, spiritual encouragement.
My wonderful children for constantly picking up the bills for the project
Wonderful people from around the world who agreed to read the children’s story books at no charge.
Mrs Modupe Adelanwa and others for their programme contribution on Parenting
Auntie Blessing Otodo , Uncle August , Opeyemi and Mobola who volunteered to assist with publicity.
French Honors Society of Southern California for working on the French lessons.

Who else wants to volunteer?
Please let me see your hands up. Better still send me a private message.
Thank you