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Avarice, the Art and FM Radio

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There was once a time when you could be sure that the music you hear on radio represented the best on and off the music charts. A time when radio stations actually paid musicians to play their songs. Maybe they still do in many pats of the world, but in Nigeria if a song gets palyed on radio you can be sure that the musician has paid money for the privilege.. And thus in an era of the most unimaginative and brainless music, radio becomes a tool of torture for the discerning music lover .
The greatest loser is the art itself, because good music with no pocket to back it up consequently dies a sorrowfil death, while the air continues to be filled with the hideous noise of musicians who would anywhere else in the world be considered less than of average talent, only they locally have money to buy themselves a lot of fame. I am astounded that these radio OAPs can't fit it into their heads that their future rests in the hands of new talent rather than of their own greed.

I baited Beat City Radio very recently to ask what it would take to have a good song by a remarkably good artist played, and I received the following response :

"...Thanks For taking out your time to reach us , Your music was
successfully reviewed.
Here is our price tag For Music and Video Submission (#SORPROMO)
Music Upload - #3,000
Music Airplay (1 week) - #3,000
Music Airplay (1 month) - #5,000
Music Airplay in between shows – (1 Month) - #7000
Artist’s promotion + Exclusive Interview and media tour – #25,000
Our prices our not fix , Due to the current on going promo , that why our prices are 70% off .."

Apparently the gravy train passes also through all other radio staion these days. The good thing though is that radio is on its way out. It will soon be totally killed by internet, mobile technology and social media.