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Bad etiquette

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As a kid, I read whatever book that became unfortunate enough to come into my hands. I devoured them voraciously and cast the carcass aside without any respect at all. I read books on any subject under the sun and also more than a few about places hidden from the sun .
Once I read a book on Etiquette. “When in a restaurant never forget to leave something on the plate for the waiter"., the book told me. That instruction consequently took permanent residence in my head.
As I became old enough to visit restaurants on my own, I made it a duty to obey the book's advice. Always leave something on the plate for the waiter, I remembered very well. Therefore no matter how delicious the meal was and no matter that the portion was too small, I would always leave a little of it on the plate for the waiter. Poor chaps, they ought to pay them well, I sorrowed.
Once, a waiter was quite worried, when he came to take away the plates, and went to fetch the cook.
"What is the matter, did you not enjoy your meal?” the cook anxiously asked.
"Yes, I did. The food was delicious", I assured her , expecting that the waiter would similarly testify after retiring to the kitchen to eat what I had left on the plate for him.
I paid the waiter, and he soon returned with my change on a plate. I scooped it all up into my pocket and left the restaurant, promising myself to return again to give this nice waiter another treat.
Thus ran many years of ignorant contribution to the waiters’ feast of leftovers

Wisdom didn’t come to me until years later, that the little to be left over should be from the change on the invoice plate and not the food on the dinner plate

Moral : It is never too late to learn….or something like that
~ rotimi Ogunjobi 16/01/2018