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The cockroaches

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I have always believed that the cockroach is about the only creature in this world with no other purpose than to annoy and to destroy. But ever so often one runs into a person , who after they have gone, the only impression they have left you with is their religious belief or their political belief or their dietary belief or their sexual preference or a host of other matters which should be as personal to them as their toothbrush. And the only feeling they leave you with after they've gone is that they have taken your peace away.
We all need to stand in front of a mirror at the end of every day to ask the person looking at you, what they have contributed to the world today to justify their living for another day. Do this regularly; let every day be your Judgment Day. That way, there will be no fear of another post-life Judgement Day where you get to stand before God ; because today and everyday God is standing before you and is asking......

~ Rotimi Ogunjobi 14/10/2014