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The Crooked Bullet a novel (a summary)

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Raj Desai, the owner of a jewelry shop in Upton Park is custodian to The Crooked Bullet, a lucky charm which has brought him nothing but misery. Raj hopes soon to hand over the burden of keeping the family heirloom to his son-in-law Kalyan Gupta, and to be able to begin a new unfettered life. But The Crooked Bullet gets stolen and Raj finds his future suddenly in jeopardy.
Harvey Mason is a landscaper with a drink problem which he could possibly overcome if his wife Ida, stopped thinking of eloping away with another man. This time though Harvey’s old demons have resurrected bringing along a revenge plan.
Eccentric Millionaire Moses Samuel has strange ideologies in motion including a dastardly plan to rid the world of footwear. And from within Woodstock, his personal neo-hippie kingdom, he sets about his plan with maniacal vigor.
A new sensation has suddenly hijacked the airwaves of London and world pop music chart. He is the mysterious Ex-Man- super hero; superstar about to be unveiled in a premiere concert.
For Frank O’Dwyer though, it is tough being a detective, especially when you are just learning the ropes and things and persons actually start to go missing. Frank, the ex- news reporter and moonlighting deejay is initially hired to trail Ida Mason, by her husband Harvey. Frank is soon again hired by Raj Desai to find The Crooked Bullet, and subsequently by Ida Mason to trail her husband Harvey. Frank’s search takes him on a wild chase through East London, where he is hunted by suspected assassins, assaulted and robbed. However things do get more complicated. Desai's daughter Rupinder, goes missing, and so does Frank’s own girlfriend, Sade. He is coerced by the abductors to deliver the ransom for one in exchange for the release of the other.
Other pressing responsibilities keep nagging though; one of which is that his friend and co-deejay, Trevor “Mad Scientist” Cook had found them a dream event, opening for the Ex-Man concert. It is a lifetime opportunity which Frank unfortunately decides to set aside to find his girlfriend. Frank finally confronts with an old enemy, the reclusive Moses Samuel; the astonishing discovery of Ex-Man’s identity , and the shocking and sordid secret behind The Crooked Bullet.