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Day 1 : The forecourt of a wealthy king

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Arrived in Dubai after a fog-related delay and aboard an Emirates Airlines flight. Arrived into an opulence that I had not experienced in a long while -the graceful splendor of an airport arrival hall which immediately advises that you are near the forecourt of a wealthy king. Passing through the immigration is easy I had to wait for along while at the exit gate waiting for my guide to find me .Since I couldn't locate my guide I was unable to call him on my phone because I had neglected to register my phone for roaming, and the little prepaid credit remaining on it had been quickly extinguished This also meant that he was also unable to reach my phones A borrowed phone rescues us at last.
A taxi takes us away from the airport .The minimum charge from this location is 35 Dirhams which is about $10. We arrive at the Al Arraf Hotel in Deira district not too long after . This is a very busy area, full of shops and not really what I should have liked but this is my first visit to this country and I am willing to learn. The time difference has confused me up a bit as we have actually traveled 3 hours forward in time This together with the little sleep from the night flight has made me quite groggy. Caught a couple of hours of sleep then went out to get dinner from a place called the Al Kabab Al Afghan Restaurant. It is a mammoth meal large enough to feed four. I lugged the package back to my room, did my best and bunged the rest in the fridge. Tried the TV/sat and apparently no English Channel visible. I don't care for television anyway; sleep time

(Excerpt from the book 'Salam!' )