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Day 7: The Lone Stranger

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I had slept for only about three hours last night . This because I had taken too many vitamin pills yesterday and ended the day with a large glass of sugar-rich Kiwi fruit juice. Couldn't sleep and therefore decided to watch television till morning. Got up drowsily to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then came back to bed again to sleep this time.
I decided on a lazy day today to prevent my fever from getting worse. Later in the afternoon, I decided to take a light walk around Al Sabkha Road and Naif Road, and attempted to make sense of the roads all around. It was easier than I had thought, but then tourists tend to look at a new environment from a perspective which says ,impossible to understand.
Afterward, basking in the victory of my conquest of high taxi fare, which my metro card had given, I went to visit the Mall of the Emirates on the Red Line and four stops after Dubai Mall station . Picked up some magazines and stationery at the Borders bookshop. While returning to my hotel later in the evening, I thought with alarm that I had missed my Writers Group Meetup event I was more surprised to find that it had actually taken place the previous day. Have I become so confused ?

(Excerpt from the book 'Salam!' )