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Day 8: Home in the Bones

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I am in home-bound mood. I think I am getting bored with this place already; I am a restless person and I am I think still upset by the bed bug even though , with careful searching, I had not been able to find another one yet. Ordinarily if I had more time and money to spend I would just have moved to another side of town or another part of the country. Abu Dhabi sounded interesting, but my body still ached a lot and I hated to take pain killers becuse they either make me sleeply or make me nervous depending on which one I take. Also for a week I had been eating strange food much of which had been free of hot peppers . When you are a pepper-addict , like most of us in the place where I had come from, you feel quite tormented and homesick. Someone had told me there was a Nigerian restaurant nearby, but I had decided that I would not come on holidays to a foreign country to eat Nigerian food. I would eat what they ate here and drink what they drank. The novelty had begun to wear off at this time. I wanted home.
Armed again with my metro card, I thought to see what Internet City was about. But nothing extraordinary here; just another posh area populated by buidings occupied by big time technology and communication giants . Time passes quickly though; I again made a retreat to Dubai Mall six stops before to get a light meal at Waitrose. The musical fountain started to play on cue at 6 pm but I am too tired to care. I slumped back to base get a take away dinner at my favorite Afghan restaurant. Afterwards I went to order a color laser printer that I had earlier found to be a lot cheaper than I would have got it back home. I am mindful of the weight though but the shop manager assured me it was 15 kg. This would do , I thought and asked for the purchased item to be delivered to my hotel tonight so that I could finally start packing. It wasnt delivered; you will find out why later.

(Excerpt from the book 'Salam!' )