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Day 9 : Sweet and Sour Sauce

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My printer was finally delivered this morning after I went pestering. Disaster : it weighed 27 kg. Consequently I found that I had more than 20kg of excess baggage. I ask the computer shop manager why he had given me a wrong weight and caused me so much trouble. I only sell computers, I don't check their weight he said rather offhandedly. Would I have bought if I was aware of the weight ? Not likely at all, but I am now in a quandary as to what to do with this thing. I tried to jettison some other items , but no matter what I did I couldn't find 20kg .My travel help who also is a shipper finally came to my rescue , promising to ship the printer to Lagos for me. Totaling the costs I found that I would eventually end up paying N10,000 more than if I had driven my car to pick it up at my local computer store back home. Ouch!
I stumbled upon a great Chinese restaurant while taking a walk in the evening and it did a bit to improve my mood. Had delicious corn and vegetable soup, and later Manchurian chicken with rice and therafter a lovely carrot juice. I knew that I had gone beyond the optimum time in Dubai on this visit. For more than a week I had slept too little,spent far too many hour every day on my feet , done far too much walking and nearly always carrying a bag or two in my hands with another slung around my neck and consequently my poor spine wasn't feeling too happy with me. 'You've had a great time so far Rotimi; time to go home', it advised , ' before I start giving you problems of my own'.

(Excerpt from the book 'Salam!' )