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Donation appeal for the OpenGriot project

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The use of learning resources derived from a child's familiar environment has been shown to reinforce self-confidence and to give the child a feeling of security. This consequently helps the child build a rounded personality and to be better able to interact constructively with both the native culture as well as other cultures. Children brought up on reading books from alien cultural perspectives tend to become culturally insecure . Many would often seek to address this insecurity by apprenticing to the invading perspective possibly all through their lives ;and consequently suffer irretrievable loss of personality.

Story books are especially important to children's development. They build reading and comprehension skills and excite the imagination and creativity of children. Unfortunately most of the story books available to African children tend to be written by European and American authors. Apart from potentially creating personality problems for children , most of these books are expensive , especially to rural children with no money to purchase. The OpenGriot project aims to create free localized stories and story books for the education of African children. Each of these books will be available in English , French, Portuguese and Arabic . They will be available for download from the internet both as electronic books as well as audio narrations for use on a variety of mobile and desktop devices. The project website can be found at

We are looking for your donation to support the OpenGriot project which is run largely by volunteer writers , editors and translators. Your donation will make it possible to support these volunteers with stipends , and to pay our few administrative employees . OpenGriot is a project of the Cognisci ISTD Foundation which is registered as an NGO and able to accept tax-deductible donations. There are several ways to donate to the OpenGriot project .

We accept deposits into the following bank account :
Bank: Ecobank Plc , Bodija Ibadan, Nigeria
Account name: Cognisci Foundation
Account Number: 2083001364

We are able to accept checks or money orders in several national currencies; credit cards can also be accepted through Please mail to :
The OpenGriot project
Cognisci ISTD Foundation
1 Olanipekun Street, Ososami Road
Ibadan. Nigeria

There are several ways to donate online the easiest being by Paypal - which is a web site that accepts credit card and bank transfer payments. You don't need to set up a account to donate via PayPal. Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover are accepted. Our collection is is

Thank you for your kind interest.
Rotimi Ogunjobi , Project Director
Cognisci ISTD Foundation