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The Foo-Foo Tree and more Efik Folktales

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The Foo-Foo Tree and more Efik Folktales is a selection of folklore thought to have originated from the Efik people . The Efik are native to South East Nigeria even though they were said to have migrated from the Cameroons.
Originally the economy of the region which they occupy was based on fishing and trading . This aspect of their daily lives as well as the mortal dread of the Ekpe secret society which regularly made and enforced laws, will be seen to have formed the bedrock of their local anecdotes.
Some of the stories in this small volume had been previously retold by a non-native person , to the effect that names are not very accurate in spelling. Indeed some of the names , including those of persons and places, may have actually disappeared from normal usage.
Acknowledgement for some stories in this collection:
Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria, West Africa
By Elphinstone Dayrell
Longman Green and Co. (1910)


13 The Tortoise and His Pretty Daughter
18 The Crafty Hunter
23 The Foo Foo Tree.
34 The Disobedient Daughter Who Married a Skull.
38 The King Who Married the Rooster's Daughter
43 The Woman, the Ape, and the Child
48 Why the Bat Is Ashamed To Be Seen In the Daytime
53 Why The Bush Cow and The Elephant Are Not Friends.
61 Why the Hippopotamus Lives In the Water
64 The Story of the Fat Woman Who Melted Away
67 The Leopard, the Squirrel, and the Tortoise
74 The Leopard, the Tortoise, and the Bush Rat
79 The King and the Juju Tree.
83 The Tortoise, the Elephant and the Hippopotamus
89 The Pretty Girl and the Seven Jealous Women
99 The Orphan Boy and the Magic Stone.
104 The Slave Girl Who Tried To Kill Her Mistress..
113 Essido And His Evil Companions
120 The Drummer and the Alligators.
133 The Election of The King Bird