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Gangnam Style

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Why does one act remain so ordinary while a similar records massive success ?This phenomenon I think is quite prevalent in the world of music artists.... and well, writers too. As a matter of fact I keep wondering why I am not selling anything near Stephen King even though I am far more handsome and I think quite as gifted. I am not alone though; I have some fantastic musicians in my record collection, whom you the reader of this blog have probably never heard of. I have also read some really great books that have surprisingly failed to achieve commercial success.What have they [we] done wrong to deserve this.
Of course, it's got to do with marketing; you will probably say. Like they've been so lucky to have got themselves a rich and aggressive producer/publisher, and that really did improve their chance of being heard and seen more than the guy running his creativity business from his garage and on a sad budget. But then, I have also seen products backed by multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and which flopped woefully....and known low-budget projects which have soared sky-high on the wings of prayers. So is there an x-ingredient that make all this winner-making thing happen? Someone please tell me where to find it.
An annoying example of the underdog gone winner is the Gangnam style video which would have completely escaped my attention, even though nearly everyone was talking about it.It just didn't sound like something I would be interested in, and so I didn't get to go see it till it had passed the 1 billion views mark on youtube, and the entire world seemed to be having hysterics over that. Well, I did finally see it and was disappointed, having failed to also see what the fire was all about. In fact it looked a lot to me like MC Hammer, poorly performed. Sadly though the best any MC Hammer video has ever got is about a twenty-fifth of the Gangnam Style video views even though MC Hammer happened twenty years ago. Shame.