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GLEANINGS : From Along the Highway of Time - A Book Launch

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Gleanings : From Along the Highway of Time ; which will be a high-level formal presentation of some of my literary work, will take place on June 27, 2013 .

You are invited to this event to celebrate the publication of five books that I have written.
That is right! On June 27, 2013 , I will be launching five of the books I have written , and this event will take place at the Lagos Country Club , Ikeja, Lagos.At this event I will be presenting a novel, a short story collection, poetry , a play, and a children's book. The five books that I will be launching, represent the best I have written in each of those genres and soon to be available for sale in Nigeria. In addition , you will also have the unique opportunity of watching the live performance of my new play, Two Dogs .

In brief , the following is the event summary:
DATE: Thursday, 27th June
TIME : Event starts at 12 noon to 3.00pm. Lunch will be served.
VENUE : Lagos Country Club, Ikeja, Lagos
Please RSVP to by Monday 24th June to reserve a seat. This is a free event but seats are limited.

GLEANINGS: From Along the Highway of Time - A Profile
The following books will be presented :
A Conference in Ennui - Nominated for Commonwealth Book prize 2012 . A terrific fact-fiction novel set in Lagos in the seventies and eighties.A story of love, dire times,a hostile city, insanity, good music and bad karmas.
Brain Surgery on the Highway & other Manic Expressions : A short fiction collection holding a satirical mirror to contemporary British and Nigerian life .The Title story, Brain Surgery on the Highway, was published in the prestigious Queen's Quarterly (Queen's University , Canada) in 2002.
Edidare : An unusual epic poem with a phantasmagoric backdrop. A story about a bad country, a bad people, a bad king, but with a great epiphany.
Two Dogs : A satire which dramatises the attitudinal foibles of the stratified social classes in our societies.Two dogs: one middle class, the other working class. Two dogs : one pampered, the other poor.Two dogs : one arrogant, the other desperate.
Ajala The Terrible Child and Other Stories : Amongst other exciting tales, this book tells the story of a difficult boy , so terrible that even wild animals are afraid of him.

You need a first hand experience of this event.
RSVP to OR FILL THE FORM BELOW to reserve a seat.

This event has been generously sponsored by Bob Oshodin Organisation Ltd. .
This Event is FREE.