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Going Bata Dancing

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Finally starting off tonight with writing The Bata Dancer . I have been researching this novel for more than two years and the more I put together , the less I think I know to start to write it - but what I think is that the story scares me to start; too deep and too expository. I see a tough story in front of me . But I aim to also conquer it nevertheless goes...

"Ojelabi did a short barefoot dance on the spot .He did this every morning to limber up; to loosen up those sleep-stiffened joints. Next, he did a dozen squats , and then leaped high to catch the lowest branch of the venerable Kola tree which stood lonely in front of his home; dangling loosely from the branch for a long minute to stretch his limbs and torso. Energised, he did a more complicated dance, ending his unwatched performance with an elegant backward somersault and a vertical freeze. He felt good, he felt happy with himself; he felt in unity with the silent woods before him.... "

..... It is a day to my birthday; wish me luck