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The Greatest Woman That Ever Lived - A Tribute

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Eunice Olufolaju Ogunjobi
Born: 04-04-1929
Transitioned: 01-01-2014

My mother was one of the greatest women ever lived. Indeed I will say she was the greatest. Without someone like her I may not have lived for very long - I never have been an easy child to bring up. Indeed I may have been one of her biggest trials. As a child I was a very restless and hyper-active one; but she recognised my challenges, and handled me gently. As a teenager I possibly was one of the most rebellious and exasperating one ever ; but she knew my potentials, and handled me gently. Even when I did grow up into an adult with my family, her eyes never roamed too far away from me and all other of her children; she understood what I needed to be; and her prayers struggled to move me along in that direction. I will always remember my mother as the kindest woman ever lived – never one to rear her children with whips, threats, demands and curses; she spent quality time on her knees for them, and pushed them along with hands of pure love.
I wept when I was told Mum had passed on. I cried several times a day and every day for many days afterwards; the tears I know will still keep falling in my heart for the rest of my life. Many would ask why the tears; and why for someone so old and who must one day eventually go, like all human beings? But how can they understand, even though I continually tell them this was no ordinary human being, and that it is a grave personal disaster to lose someone so understanding, so undemanding, so selfless and so always available to help you up when you feel so hopeless? How terrible it is to lose someone who always has so much of inner contentment that being around her makes you forget the troubles of this world ? Indeed to me, my mother typified Christ: she gave her life for her children. I will always remember this uncommon commitment; this unconditional love, as great life lessons and examples which she has left me with and a legacy which I believe she would wish her children hold on to in her memory.
Finally, in her demise my mother conquered again for me the fear of death. On that cold night, when with my hand I closed her eyes, and as I watched her being finally rolled away to a place where I must not follow, I surprisingly felt my grief replaced by a great calm and with joyful hope. And I was comforted in my heart that when by the grace of God , I do grow old and it becomes time for me to also go; I shall do so smiling and without fear , knowing that my loving mother will be waiting on the other side to receive me.
Till then Mum, sleep well.