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How to make a million dollars in one day without leaving your home

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So much has been written on this topic, and you will find that all of them are so impractical that they quite qualify to be called brainless. You will find people asking you to invest your money in stock and trade them online 24/7 (how would you get any sleep), other people dream up other equally , or even more ridiculous projects that you thank your stars that you are only poor and not an idiot. The worst of them all are those who propose to make you a millionaire without investing one penny, peso, cent or the lowest unit of any obscure currency. I am not going to promise you that . My plan will require you to buy a computer, a scanner and a colour printer. No there is no money in the graphic arts business, we are only going to be more inventive about this sh*t . Here are the instructions.
1. Find a hundred dollar bill. You can borrow one if you still have any friends still willing to lend you anything..
2. Use the scanner to scan the two faces of the currency bill into your computer.
3. Now print them ten thousand times from your colour printer.. Voila! one million dollars! LOL.
4. Prepare to go to prison for twenty years