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How to write like a rock star (2) - write a children's book in 2 weeks.

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Taking a bit of time to blog about the business of writing. Would YOU like to write a children's book... In just 14 DAYS? Writing for children is tough but extremely rewarding. Imagine strolling into your local bookstore, and seeing your children's classic lining the shelves. Children are reading, their imaginations sparkling. Your pride is bulging. And so is your bank balance.You're following in the footsteps of Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter, and many other famed authors.
But did you know you can write your children's book - in just TWO WEEKS, or LESS? It's true. There's a SECRET step-by-step system for writing your children's classic in absolute record time. It's a system that has been refined by many leading authors - and Mel McIntyre wants to share it with you. Mel has created a website where he shares EVERYTHING you need to know.
You can visit the web site at this link : Write a Children's Book
While I suggest this program, this post is not a complete endorsement. It may not be for everyone and like all other matters in life degree of success will always vary. Best of luck!