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I am a storyteller

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I am a storyteller.
If I have ever failed to attend your writers' event please do not be angry with me. Even though I may have written more books than those who attended, I still prefer to be known as a storyteller rather than a writer. There is a difference.
While the "writer" may ply his passion for a million reasons, the primary task of the storyteller is to "educate and entertain", within his allocated medium - print, audio, video, multimedia. Thus, it is possible to be a storyteller without being a writer. Both are mutually exclusive activities, and I may only count myself fortunate to be able to do both succesfully.
I also am always equally excited that I am able to extend my abilities into other storytelling mediums without really raising any sweat, though I don't consider this very remarkable. Storytelling is a gift ; writing, broadcasting and programming are crafts that may be learned.
I am a storyteller.
- rotimi ogunjobi 11/01/2018