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If You See Me Walking...

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The woman had enough foundation on her face to support a small skyscraper building. That was how I would have forever remembered her. Not only that, her girth was so immense that she could only slip sideways through a door way. Okay..., okay, I've exaggerated a bit, but she really did look very unhealthy, only she had this cute little kid who came very often to visit me, and sometimes brought her friends along, all of them demanding from me a story. And I would pity the poor kid for having a mum so gross to look at ; and how much that huge detail could screw up someone’s life; right?
I left the neighbourhood for a while, and for about half a year saw neither kid nor thick mother. Then one day I went driving by, and whom did I see walking along the road, but cute kid with a pretty lady following behind.
‘Hey, whassup’ ; I said . ‘How are you? ‘She hit me a five.
‘How’s your mum ?’, I asked . And she giggled, looking up at the lady behind her. She did look a bit familiar. And to prove this, she poked me in the gut and said to me. ‘You look very unhealthy’
Hey, it was her mum . I am shocked right. I mean what had she gone and done to herself?
‘I used to be disgustingly fat’, she told me like she was the lady in that famous advert, ‘I used to be disgustingly fat , then I decided to do one hour of walking everyday. This is the new me’, she gushed .
Hey, this knocked me silly, see? And I looked at my protruding tummy, and the stubborn dent which her finger had made in it and heck, I really did look very unhealthy, okay?

Now there is a disgusting animal called the pot-bellied pig. Find the creature's picture below or connect with him at Honest, that is what scientists have chosen to call it, and you’d feel that they could have been a little more decent in their name calling, right? I really wouldn’t feel okay having to to go through life with a name like pot-bellied pig, right? In any case, I had no desire to end up looking like a pot-bellied pig, so I thought if walking one hour everyday could fix the fat lady’s girth., then walking twice as long should fix my tummy.
So, if you see me walking down the street ….