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An Incipient Sodom

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We do not live in a normal world anymore; we live in a sex-obsessed world. In these present times , it is either you are gay/lesbian or straight. There are no normal persons;your sexual preference defines and determines you. If a man hangs out too much with his male friends, he is quite likely considered gay; if a woman sleep over too often at a female friend's house they are quite likely considered lesbians ; if an adult shows too much care for children that are not his/her own, the pedophile alert quite likely goes off. If you become too close to a friend of the opposite sex (oops gender) a diabolic grapevine trembles with tales of imagined sexual escapades. There are no normal persons anymore, we live in a world drenched in sex. How did we come this far ? Quite less than a generation ago we lived in a world of clean affection and respect for the individual. Where has it all gone ? I wonder if Sodom also degenerated in this fashion.