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It's All Cricket

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A happy reminiscence.
Exactly 15 years ago I was on admission at the King George Hospital, Goodmayes in the London Borough of Redbridge, with a case of Quadriplegia. If medical terms confuse you, it simply means paralysis of the entire body - from the neck down. The bed in which I laid had been urgently and specially procured for me and in it I would eventually spend about two months. And for most of that time, I was only able to raise my body by pressing buttons on the bed's electronic control pad with my feebly functional right hand. Most thought I would not get out of that bed alive. The more optimistic doubted I would ever walk again, even if I survived for more than a few months.

Being unable to do anything else, I had a lot of time to have regular father to son conversations with God ; and to His glory and to the utter disbelief of the several surgeons and the battery of nurses attached to my case, I survived the ordeal . Total recovery would still however take several more years .... with multiple non-medical disasters running alongside. If he could take a short holiday from his book in the Bible, the good man Job would I think have come over to salute my resoluteness. Those were indeed nightmarish times.

When I was very young I projected that I would by the time I turned 40, have a fleet of the finest cars, a private jet or two thrown in, dozens of exotic houses all over the world and a slew of beautiful ladies at beck and call every moment of the day, generally doing the things that beautiful ladies love to do and faithfully ministering to all my erotic fantasies. I am afraid I never achieved any of those. As that particular milestone departed behind, those dreams of an exuberant youth began to mean nothing to me anymore, as I needed to earnestly put nose to grindstone, striving to raise a wonderful family . But hey, the failure and guilt subconsciously remained nevertheless painful. Just to think that I failed all those dozens of ladies out there who waited in vain for me to become as rich as...whoever.

This birthday celebration, which is my 60th, is a testimony to faith, hope and to the love of God. Today , and in spite of the many challenges which regularly jump before my face , I am constantly pacified by that Spirit which is of God, reminding me , even asking me : Do you know the reason you did not end up as medical science predicted you would , 15 years ago ? And I am presented with brilliant snapshots of a still more glorious coming future. I am a believer.

It is a beautiful day. It is beautiful to be well and alive . To those who stayed, to those who left, to those who joined and reinforced, I thank you with all my heart; for this day and for the future.

- rotimi ogunjobi