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King Chameleon and more West African Folktales

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King Chameleon and more West African Folktales is a selection of folklore believed to have originated from West Africa and the people who live in the region. West Africa is home to several scores of tribes, languages and dialects.
Even though, tribal cords are quite strong and languages may differ markedly even between two communities a few hundred miles apart, it is usual to find similarities between the local folktales , and in some cases only the names of the central characters would make one version of a tale to be different from another .
Most of the stories in this volume were gleaned from areas within the countries now known as Ghana and Togo. However, the stories are commonly retold in several forms all over the West Africa region.


13 How Wisdom Came To the World
15 Anansi and Nothing
18 Thunder and Anansi
24 Why the Lizard Continually Nods His Head
28 Tit For Tat
31 Why White Ants Always Destroy Houses
35 The Squirrel and the Spider
38 Why Ants Carry Huge Loads
42 Why Spiders Live In the Corners of the Ceiling
45 Anansi the Blind Fisherman
47 Adzo and Her Mother
50 The Grinding Stone That Ground Flour By Itself
54 Morning Sunrise
56 Why the Captured Sea Turtle Beats Its Breast with Its Forelegs
58 How Beasts And Serpents First Came Into The World
65 Honourable Minu
67 Why The Moon And The Stars Receive Their Light From The Sun
71 Obeng and the Thieving Antelope
79 How the Tortoise Got Its Shell
82 The Hunter and the Tortoise
85 The Tail of the Princess Elephant
91 Kofi and The Gods
94 The Lion and the Wolf
96 Maku Mawu And Maku Fia
103 The Robber and the Old Man
105 The Leopard and the Ram
108 Why The Leopard Can Only Catch Prey On Its Left Side
110 Kwaku BahBoni ,The Bad Boy
117 King Chameleon And the Animals
120 The Foolish Spider Who Lost an Elephant for a Bird
123 The Ungrateful Man
128 Why Leopards Never Attack Men Unless They Are Provoked
131 The Omanhene Who Liked Riddles
137 How Mushrooms First Grew In The World
140 The Farmer and the Helpful Spirits