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The Kini-Kini Bird and more Yoruba Folktales

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The Kini-Kini Bird and more Yoruba Folktales is a selection of folklore thought to have originated from the Yoruba people. The Yoruba are native to the western part of Nigeria. A few centuries ago, the cultural influence of this ethnic group stretched much further out into the West Africa region.
Folk tales of the Yoruba are often severely fantastic, the themes generally underscoring the largely agrarian occupation and also the great reverence accorded the gods and the traditional rulers of the communities.


13 The Palm Oil Seller Girl And The Spirit Man
20 The Big Eagle And The Two Women
25 Why Everyone Refused To Bury The Dead Bat
27 The Kini-Kini Bird
32 Sigo and the Tortoise
37 The Girl Who Could Not Speak And The Tortoise
40 The Tortoise And The Foolish Elephant
43 Adun The Pretty Girl
45 Buje And The Tortoise
48 The Tortoise The Lizard And The Cave Of Yams
52 Akiti The Hunter And The Elephant
54 Why Women Have Long Hair
56 Why People Cry “Long Live The King!” When Thunder Follows Lightning
58 The King And The Mouse
61 The Wise Man Who Lived In A Cave
63 Moremi And The Death Of Her Son Ela
65 Leopard Man
69 Why The Egret Stands On One Leg
70 The Poor Man The Ants And The Treasure
74 The Voice Of Birds
76 The Three Magicians
80 Isokun And The Stolen Baby
82 The Twin Brothers
85 The Adventurous Head
87 Ole And The Ants
90 The Hunter Who Became A Python
92 Oluronbi And The Iroko Tree
94 How The Elephant Got Its Long Trunk
96 The Secret Of The Fishing Baskets
98 The Goldsmith’s Heir
101 The Magic Cooking Pot
103 The Truthful Parrot And The Thief
105 The Ghost-Catcher King
107 The King And The Tortoise
110 The Tortoise And The Fly
112 The Elephant And The Hippopotamus
114 The Three Deaths Of Tortoise
116 The Tortoise And The Rooster.
118 Why The Tortoise And The Crab Avoid Each Other
119 The Tortoise And The Pigeon
122 The Tortoise And The Whip Tree
126 The Tortoise And The Rain