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The Liberated Ape

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Now, even #Iyanla may not be looking forward to fixing this one.
A wonderful family man gets sick with the #Ebola virus. His wife fearing the worst flees the home taking the children with her, to escape the same fate. But the man makes a miraculous recovery, and this quite becomes a problem for both of them. Is love able to survive the scourge of a terminal disease? This of course is an hypothetical story, but then something similar may be this moment happening somewhere in disease-stricken West Africa.
Closer home in Nigeria which is a country of about 160 million, the entire army of doctors who are on public-payroll is on strike and without care for the Ebola scourge which has crept silently into the country , compliments of an American travelling via Liberia - a country which is in the epicentre of the current Ebola virus eruption. Their demands are nor quite understood by a concerned public, but even now made extremely ridiculous in the light of their perceived lack of concern for the current national medical emergency - a disease without a cure;which could wipe out thousands within a few weeks and thereafter exponentially continue on its destructive mission.
In the private hospitals it is a less comforting observation. Most doctors have set aside the hunger for profit and now diligently determine which patient they want to see or even if they want to see any more at all for the rest of their lives. I suspect many should soon lock up their clinics and venture into the now profitable business of selling hand wash preparations. It is not a good time to be ill either. Most people are scared to go to hospital with a fever for fear of being detained and quarantined away like a mad dog somewhere in a government facility to eventually die alone and unloved ; or there is the fear of getting infected by a nurse who has been careless with a previous patient - eventually leading to the former fate. Things are so uncomfortable all around.
Why does Africa suffer all these terrible diseases? Despite the suggestion that Africans do nothing but worship primitive idols, I say that we are quite up to date with all current world religions. Indeed someone recently pointed me to the Bible and specifically the book of Leviticus where it is stated by God that some animals should not be eaten. Amongst them are ... surprise, surprise... bats and monkeys, which are the animals from which the current Ebola scourge is said to have emerged. Indeed my friend goes further to educate that most of the terrible viral diseases which have been associated with Africa have surprisingly come from God's 'no, no' food list. I am still thinking this over – in the process of turning vegetarian.
In Nigeria the word is now out though , and the general advice is for people to desist from eating these animals to minimise the chances of catching an incurable disease . And so a once flourishing bush-meat market is now disappearing as hunters are finding it unprofitable to decimate wildlife without care. The irony of this is that what wildlife conservationist had unsuccessfully for several decades strived to by shouting themselves hoarse, Mother Nature has been able to achieve within a few weeks by taking matters into her own hands. A situation now seems visible in the near future , in which t an ape will be found casually strolling on the African jungle path, alongside a dejected (ex)-hunter ; contemptuously thumbing its nose in the encounter and saying "eat me if you dare, you bastard".
Looking forward again into the future, would we soon see an explosion in the African wildlife population, and which will be large enough to demand a desperate need for culling? Time will tell.

PS : A few minutes after posting this , it occurred to me that I had just without thinking created the synopsis for a possible screenplay . Amazing !

So... uhm... does anyone want to buy a film script ?