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Library Aid

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This is a project which I am part of and care so much about. I am always deeply pained whenever I visit any public library in my country. Nigeria. Books are outdated and the equipment in deplorable state. I have more useful books in my small study than many of them have in the shelves. Help us fill those shelves. I reproduce the appeal below :

Our "Library Aid" project will equip some community and school libraries in Nigeria with educational and leisure books. We need book donors small and big . Public libraries in Nigeria suffer from poor equipment , outdated books and bare book shelves. Much of this has been due to poor funding. The non-availability of up-to-date library materials makes people to lose interest in libraries, and also places the indigent who rely much on free resources at educational disadvantage.
The purpose of the Library Aid project created by CISTDF foundation is to obtain books and equipment for use of community and school libraries.
Our Library Aid project also intends to complete and maintain an online searchable catalogue of books available in public libraries nationwide.
You, your organisation and community can assist us to make even a little difference in improving literacy in ours. Give books or give donation to procure them.

"Buy a few books, buy many....whichever way , a child's future is enriched !"

Cost Details
1- Importing books in a 40-foot containers -shipping, warehouse , sort and distribute. Please ask us for cost details
2- Purchasing books locally - warehouse , sort and distribute. Please ask us for cost details
2- Online catalog development with ongoing annual mainteinance - Please ask us for cost details

To donate for support of our projects please use the following bank details.
Bank : Ecobank Plc , Bodija , Ibadan , Nigeria
Account name: Cognisci Foundation
Account Number: 2083001364
Sort Code: 050190465
Otherwise please contact us at following

You can also fund through my Paypal Account
You can be sure that your donation will be acknowledged and published.