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The nakedness of a man faced with the absurd

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I have just finished reading The Stranger a novel by Albert Camus , borrowed from the rich collection of my dear sister Mimie Oshodin. I actually thought it was a silly little book ; nay a nasty little book. The story is quite annoyingly simple. There is this guy Meursault , quite more than a bit of a solipsist or in a less generous light, an existential drifter, who shoots someone dead for a matter which was really none of his business. That is the silly part.The law comes upon him and he is condemned to death. While on death row, he does nothing at all other than daily expect to be executed the very next morning..and also hope that his appeal would somehow be successful.That is the nasty part.
After setting the book aside though , I was struck with the deep philosophical and emotional undertone of the story and especially how society looks at crime and punishment . Meursault is an asshole really. He is a man who had permitted self to become so unrepentantly withdrawn from all that society thinks is decent l ;I have no idea what had made him so. He is a hard-working man nevertheless, even though he proudly affirms that he had no ambition. He is incapable of expressing or receiving love and to him God had no meaning at all . Proper asshole and you could almost say he got what he deserved. In Meursault I saw a sleep walker stumbling through life , soon to be knocked down by a speeding disaster.
The disaster eventually arrives anyway. He gets himself involved in a friend's senseless relationship issue, and without any reason , at least without any rational reason at all , guns down his friend's opponent on the beach and in broad daylight.
He is hauled off to prison and there awaits trial and punishment. It is during this time that the fullness of sociopathy comes to the surface. He seemed to the magistrate a strangely remorseless fool. As if in retaliation , the judge, jury and the spectators at his trial feel no pity for him either. Every circumstances of his Bohemian existence are brought to bear upon demanding for him the maximum punishment. Great drama is even made of the fact that he had put his mother in a home (he couldn't afford to take care of her on his income he tells them) and even when she died he had refused to view her body in the casket before burial, and to top this perceived terrible callousness, the day after the burial he had taken a girl to watch a comedy film and afterwards slept with her. Regardless of the truth that none of these was at all relevant to his case .
Anyway he is condemned to death by the guillotine. While waiting for his execution, or the grace of a successful appeal of the sentence , he still feels remorseless , and insanely, wishes he had paid more attention to the finer matters of life - especially the details of how exactly the guillotine is used to slice off the head of the condemned person. He remains unrepentant in his agnosticism and even the visit of a chaplain ended nearly in violence. I have very little time left to live and I am not willing to waste it on God , he had screamed at the tearful chaplain. Most importantly, as he awaits his execution he holds on to the consolation that everyone dies anyway .. eventually.
The death sentence is often too hastily applied. How does a hard-working man whose only failing previous to his crime is that he is a hopeless introvert , become candidate for execution by the guillotine ? Bad luck his friend tries to explain in court; a bout with confusion his lawyer also attempts to explain ; no explanation, he personally submits to the world.
Moral of story (mine) : Life never has a good thing in store for stragglers. Life demands that everyone should walk with a purpose , and not drift along with the wind. Else we will eventually walk into serious trouble, from which there may be no easy escape.