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Nigeria's football-government election

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On February 14 2015 an important football match will be taking place between Chelsea and Arsenal ... hey scratch that, I mean Nigerians will vote between General Buhari and Dr. Jonathan for president. Okay not that it makes a lot of difference what the event is anyway. To the supporters of either party it is all about out team versus their team . It is all about rabidly celebrating their 'Winning Team'.It is is about not having to return home in tears or to go to the pub to drink their beer in silence and sorrow after the event regardless of future consequences. They cheer with the zeal of football hooligans ; they threaten and attack the opponents of their adopted winning team with knives and cudgels , miscellaneous missiles and dangerous words. But what do the discerning see as the diabolic force manipulating these lobotomized mobs - but two diseased hands of the same leprous body.