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Nigerius - I

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It is today twenty-one days after Tiberius Buarius Ravilla was crowned the new Emperor. It had been an event filled with great pomp and ceremony. The previous emperor Pompilius Jonatus Vespasianus even though he had been deposed was present to wish him well , as the wreath of victory was laid upon the head of Emperor Tiberius at the Colosseum in Abujonia . Present also were many consuls from other lands
Tiberius Buarius is a man of advanced age, a former legionnaire . After many years of desiring the throne of the emperor, he had finally benefited from an uprising of the people through casting of votes. A civil war had been feared between the supporters of both men, but the previous Emperor Pompilius Jonatus , a man whose character I admired very much, had proved of even more magnanimous character, and laid his crown at the feet of his opponent.So had Tiberius Buarius Ravilla become the new Emperor.
My name is Manius Scribonius Africanus . My master had however chosen to rename me Nigerius for whatever reason had occurred to him. It is not at all a disturbing name and therefore I encouraged everyone else to call me by this new praenomen.Emperior Tiberius I had not liked so much at all. From my youth I had always remembered him as a harsh person - a character which naturally reflected from his role in the legionary. Even now as emperor, I liked him a lot less , my thought remaining that in comparison to the deposed Emperor Pompilius Jonatus Vespasianus he has not the means to make the land fare better.
It has been a long twenty one days. The promises of Emperor Buarius to the people are still far from being seen, and the populace are getting restless. Being also one of little oratory skill , he has made several proclamations which have put to question his ability to govern the country and make us again a great people as he had promised. Visibly his old age is presumed to blame for these errors of speech but his lieutenants and supporters have denied this . Emperor Buarius they say is a man of pristine mental agility who will never disappoint in his promise to alleviate the many suffering of the populace and also make this once more a great nation. The horizon at this time however looks even darker than it had ever been in the days of Emperor Jonatus Vespasianus. By the pleasure of the gods , maybe all will eventually be well.
Ave et Valete