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Sponsor Two Dogs

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My play Two Dogs was recently presented at the Lagos Country Club . The minimalist interpretation was performed by a bunch of very talented young actors and to a very excited audience . Two Dogs is a satire of class foibles, indeed a difficult composition and I congratulate the cast for the fine job they did without any intervention or direction on my part other than to leave out all props.I must also express my gratitude to Mimie Oshodin of Bob Oshodin Organisation Ltd , and Bayo Adebiyi of Cable Regina Ltd (Entertainment Stars TV) who generously sponsored the bill for the very costly event. Without them ….. there would have been no play.
I am presently interested in putting a full production of Two Dogs on stage . These shows will be promoted and managed by Family House Productions , a new stage and studio production enterprise which I recently set up. FHP will be engaged in developing, discovery and delivering of new stage plays and other family entertainment projects for stage, TV and radio .
I am therefore presently looking for a company or several to sponsor the stage production and presentation of Two Dogs. It is an exciting play which I am sure you will love to be part of .

What can you hope to gain in return ? Not a lot , but an indirect and far-reaching brand promotion is very possible. Supporting the arts is about going higher in “class”. In an independent study on sponsorship of the arts . the following results were found:
60% of respondents said they would almost always or frequently buy a product or support a company sponsoring an arts or cultural event over one that does not.
40% of people with an interest in Art and Cultural events indicated that they hold a "Higher" trust in companies that sponsor these events compared to those who do not.

Depending on your level of sponsorship you may expect to reap following as tangible benefits:
Logo signage in the entrance of the performance space
Reserved full page ad space in the program
Logo placement on my website for the duration of the event promotion
Sponsor publicly thanked in the pre-show announcement of each event
Free tickets to each event to entertain clients, employees, or yourself
Recognition in radio ads
Opportunity to add promo items to swag bags
Logo and name placement in all distributed DVDs

Of course you can put your money on other arts events but I plead that you should support mine for the mere reason that WE IGNORE THE RULES. Therefore you can be sure that whatever we do will be fresh and exciting and probably never been done before!
To discuss your interest do call me at 234-8085007469 or email

Some projects of Family House Productions could benefit from affiliation with the projects of some  NGOs  ; therefore your sponsorship can be made tax-deductibe. Please ask me for information.

Other Family House projects that you can sponsor:
    This Is How We Play - television fun-time programme for children
    Storylands – radio storytelling programme for children
    Drama In The Air – family oriented radio play and book reading presentation
    Stage – stage plays recorded for TV