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Thank you sirs we are mad, not poor

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Day after day I become more convinced that there is no poverty situation in my country in spite of the frequent cries to the contrary. What certainly is more prevalent is a certain madness - a culture of conspicuous consumption exhibited by a few , and the desire of the rest to emulate them ; since not having struck money by the millions is considered a sure sign that God almighty finds you worthless. A situation of madness chasing after a greater madness. With much thanks to God, I have really never come across the abject desperation and tears that are universally accepted as the hallmark of the hopelessly poor .Yes, most of the people of my country may be mad not poor.

It seems to be getting more sophisticated too, while walking by a market quite recently a real lunatic came up to me and so confidently asked for money because he is hungry. How do I know he was a real lunatic? Never mind I can tell a real one from the ones on Facebook. And so I gave him some money to go take care of his hunger. He carefully looked at the money this fellow, and gave it back. "They won't accept this from me" , he said both with pride and an unbelievable measure of arrogance , that clearly advised : I may be mad but I am certainly not stupid.

To me this initially sounded such an absurd response. Was the currency note too big that traders would want to know how a lunatic came about that sum? But again I looked at the currency note and saw that it was indeed slightly torn. And I saw the lunatic gentleman's dilemma - first he was a thoroughly disheveled mad person trying to make a purchase; and secondly he is trying to buy with damaged money, which when you consider the condition of this fellow, you couldn't be sure where it has been. Again, considering along with him (sometimes the spirit of the territory does grab you too) in most part of my country, damaged currency is not considered legal tender even by the lowliest pepper seller in the mammy market. Of course, they really just need to take the money to the nearest bank to have it changed to something neater, but either they distrust banks or just don't want to be bothered.

Would anyone consider this a poverty situation? I think not. In situation of true poverty people grab whatever comes along and just thank God that the opportunity came by. Poverty is certainly not about when you can be selective about your opportunities and your rewards. No sirs, we may be mad but certainly not poor.