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A Theoretical Implementation of the Principles of Conjugal Bliss

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A badly produced Film I just watched on TV:
Now I think this one should have been a comedy film, but it not; surprisingly. Here is the story line. A young girl living with her widowed mother. She comes home one night to find her mother on the floor, dying. She rushes out to get her mother her favourite medicine; along the way she falls and somehow is not able to get up so she is screaming like crazy. Along comes a drunk guy who decides to rape her in that same spot. Never mind that this guy is not violent at all ; he is actually just silly drunk and I think it is a miracle that he could have even committed the act at all. Certain activities may not be really possible in a certain state of inebriation. In any case she is raped and the drunk guy wakes up next morning to the recollection of his miraculous deed and the tell-tale sign on his pants that he had done a virgin. Girl surprisingly is able to get up from the place of assault after all and walk back home where she finds her mother dead. With nobody to take care of her, poor girl becomes a prostitute.
Rapist guy leaves the country to study abroad; returns 20 years later and meets this cool chick whom he instantly falls in love with and plans to marry. (Hey they are even wearing the same clothes they wore 20 years ago and haven't aged one inch at all ) Through the investigation of a sister who doesn't mind her business lover boy discovers that his fiance is a prostitute. Girl confesses and tells him her story - ill mother , rape, dead mother, blah blah blah ; and the guy, filled with compassion forgives her . Okay it gets awry from here. His mother tells him that the curse on their family is that every male must marry the first woman he deflowers else the wages of disobedience is death. It comes to the guy one night that he was the one who had raped the virginity off his prostitute girlfriend. He must go confess and ask for forgiveness so that their marriage may start on a clean slate ; after all love is about forgiveness. His fiance is really pissed to hear the confession and actually promises to kill him - for costing her her mother and consequently making her to become a prostitute. Poor guy flees and tells all to his pastor , who brings them together for counseling , after which they hug and he says to her ( I think) : Honey, thank you for forgiving me , I love you and only death will ever separate us. And she agrees with him and says (I think) ; Yes, darling, all is forgiven.

[ He! he! he! This foolish guy knows nothing about women. ]