Donate to my African Night Entertainment project

Donate to my African Night Entertainment project 1

“….picture an evening scene in a native village. The sun is nearing the western horizon, seeming to fall like a huge ball behind the distant hills, the air is cool, and a solemn stillness prevails. Even the noisy youths and girls are quiet, and the time for tom-toms, crickets, bull-frogs, and the miscellaneous instruments of man and Nature for the production of the most weird and inharmonious of sounds is not yet.

In the compound—the courtyard round which are the family dwellings—the women with their children on their backs are busy with mortar and pestle making food. Squatting near the mud walls, naked to the waist, their cloth forming but a covering for the loins, are a number of men smoking short clay pipes—a perfect picture of idleness. Naked youngsters stand open-mouthed listening to the conservation of their elders, or amuse themselves at hide-and-seek or some other native game.

​The short twilight of the tropics brings all occupations except talking to an end, and of talking there seems to be no end. Here and there someone or other lies down, covers himself entirely with his cloth, and is lost to the world.

​A lantern is brought out, and unconsciously and imperceptibly it becomes the centre of dark forms, relieved now and again by rows of beautiful white teeth as the owners indulge in a hearty laugh. At times conversation lags; someone drones a monotonous tune, others smoke in quiet contemplation, while others again follow the example of the dark human mounds scattered about the compound.

​Suddenly, “A story! A Story! A story!”.someone yells .At once the men, women, and children press round the speaker, an eager crowd, ready to hear or to tell the tales of their folk….”

In Africa, the art of storytelling used to be traditionally passed down from one generation to the other at night-time social gatherings. Traditional oral folklore was very important in teaching children important lessons about wholesome community values and in sharpening their imagination. Ladies and gentlemen , we have a problem. This priceless educational stories are becoming completely and irretrievably lost, as the last of the old storytellers pass on, and as children are won away by modern entertainment devices.

What have I been doing ?
My African Night Entertainment project  collects folktales from all over Africa and preserves for posterity. Four volumes have been published so far in print form. Several more  are due to be published in the near future, but without money , not much more can be done .

Donate to my African Night Entertainment project 2

What do I aim to do next ?
Children rarely read anymore ,they have been  captured over by gadgets. My African Night Entertainment project  is therefore, also developing this our rich treasure of  folktales into audio and video to meet children at their current favorite nighttime gathering points – the smartphones  and other multimedia gadgets  . My Auntie Mo Kids Radio was started in 2017 as a partial response to this cultural shift amongst our children. But as I have mentioned , not much can be done without money . This is where I need your help. I need your donation to African Night Entertainment project .

How much money am I looking for ?
My initial target is a minimum of N10 million  by end of September 2019 . Much of this will be primarily used for administrative expenses and the cost of creative talents for multimedia tasks . I believe we can do it together. My account for your donation is as follows:
Account Number : 0043655478
Bank: Access Bank Plc, University of Lagos, Akoka
Sort Code : 044152749
Account Name : Olurotimi Ogunjobi
Narration : African Entertainment Project.
If you have an alternative suggestion, do discus it with me by Whatsapp : +234 8031811137

What do you gain from your donation ?
Candidly, I would wish that you purely consider your donation a gift of love, to me, to our children and to the protection  of a priceless heritage from complete destruction.Nevertheless you will not go away without my token surprise gift ,  in appreciation of your help.
Also, please visit my Auntie Mo Kids Radio web site to download the totally  free mobile apps .

If you have any question about this request please  have a chat with me by Whatsapp : +234 8031811137 or email
Thank you.