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Gathering the Words – book description

Gathering the Words is not the author’s autobiography.

The writings chosen for this collection all relate in some way to the author’s personal life, some being autobiographical in nature. The pieces range from essays to excerpts from published works, most of them written by the author over a period of twenty years. In this book the author gives insights on the events and circumstances which instigated the writing of each of his twenty fiction books from children’s collections to political satires. 

The book includes a number of quite personal pieces about the author’s life, starting with events from his childhood. The opening chapters are the most autobiographical , in addition to being succinct, they contain some very forthright information about the author, and also provide considerable information about his life.

Readers who are familiar with the writings of Rotimi Ogunjobi will probably already be aware that there is a fairly thin line between fiction and autobiography in much of his work. This book will certainly confirm that view.

“I used to think that I wrote out of boredom and for want of something else to do with time. But it eventually came to me as I became wiser that it wasn’t boredom at all and might actually be the same kind of rage that James Frey saw in Henry Miller, a protest against the emptiness created by current and ambient circumstances, possibly a derivative of the same kind of rage that had as a child driven me into reading frenzies. I think the same rage pushes the true writer. He is an artist urgently painting out the picture he has created in his mind, and the completion of that portrait, that new book, is often all the gratification that matters. ” – Rotimi Ogunjobi ; Gathering the Words

Publication date : November 1, 2019

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