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Gathering the Words

Where do stories come from? In the book Gathering The Words, the author Rotimi Ogunjobi takes the reader on an exciting journey through his writing life.

Gathering The Words is an oeuvre of self-analysis in which Rotimi Ogunjobi reveals as philosopher, novelist, satirist, storyteller and playwright, the events that instigated each of his work selected for this book. The writings bring to the reader honesty and brilliance that is only natural with true writers.

He reveals a childhood which might be described as an intensely passionate love affair with the printed word. His profession as an Engineer as well as his many travels and life challenges have provided unusual grist for his storytelling mill, producing a rare kind of writing voice that is unique, witty and memorable.

Gathering The Words is a lively and powerful reflection of genius that scintillates with a simple love for storytelling.

Ever since earlier days as the highly-regarded editor of Redbridge Review, Rotimi Ogunjobi has made it his mission to help infuse contemporary literature with meaningful substance and purpose-filled relevance. In GATHERING THE WORDS he doubles down on those efforts by giving readers a title worth celebrating. From its opening vibrant accounts of early efforts to establish his own authorial voice, to almost two dozen compelling narratives (with critical commentaries) he skillfully showcases the pleasures of reading, the craft of writing, and the challenges of maintaining sustainable values in a world where the best of who and what we are is too often compromised by the worst.

Aberjhani ; author of Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah

“For those coming to ‘Timi Ogunjobi for the first time, Gathering the Words will prove to be an able introduction, for it includes a variety of his writings, to among these fiction, folktale, memoir, literary thoughts, dramatic script, and ultimately more. For those who have followed his literary career, and particularly other writers, it will be a reminder that good writing is good writing, no matter its form, and you will feel yourself in the hands of an old friend. In either case, Gathering the Words demands one’s time and attention.”

J. Boyer
Professor Emeritus ; Department of English
Arizona State University, USA

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