ghost town

Ghost Town

A naked shadow , an icy ghost dressed in black
Rides a horse, of the apocalypse, sleek and dark
Velvet coat flying , riding the wind ,with abandon
Clattering hooves tap, a drumroll of Armageddon

Behind closed doors , the people hide in horror
The stranger comes , with a reputation of terror
With fear they watch, and wait for his coming
With fear they wait, for his going, hope receding

The empty streets , silent, not a voice to be heard
The empty street sad , somber as a graveyard
The empty street peaceful, wildlife dancing around
The empty street crying :this is a ghost town

Peace is shattered , by a harsh cough resounding
From his throat, the cold call of death, rattling
In an instant , ten thousand fall still , and dead
In the fearful future , there looms, a coming dread

They crawl out of the shelters, tired. and hungry
With masked faces , they fear for their country
They worship , they wail , they await the worst
Judgment day they fear, has come upon the world

With fear they raise ,their voices ,to demand his name ,
When will they be free ,when will the distress wane
For time and time to come, he vows to wear the crown
Forever he will be , the king of the ghost town,

Blazing eyes reveal , the vision of a coming hell
Fiery eyes prophecy, a dismal future, gone bust
Humanity lost, under a heap , of mindless lust
Fiery eyes reveal , the vision of a coming hell

The vanished rainforest, the poisoned creek
The injured sky, the ocean soiled and dark
A world destroyed , by a mindless , plunder
A world by spite , and hatred , torn asunder

The empty world , silent ,not a voice to be heard
The empty world , sad , somber as a graveyard
The empty world peaceful,wildlife dancing around
The empty world crying : this is a ghost town

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