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I-Scream and The Fun Bunch

Okay, I am back to my blog after some months away. A lot has happened since then. I have considered a change of country of residence, the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, I have been ill and I have been well. I have also been working on two projects that are very dear to my heart. The first is my debut as a Spoken Word poet, which has culminated in the release of my first album titled The Grassroots. I have shortly followed after with the release of a new single titled Ghost Town. All of them are available for download at your favorite digital music platforms. Go grab them. But hey wait, don’t go there looking for an artiste called Rotimi Ogunjobi otherwise you will only get some audiobooks for kids shoved in your face. My recording name for Spoken Word is I-SCREAM, you got that? I-SCREAM!

The other project is the release of a pilot edition of The Fun Bunch, an entertainment and education video series for the K12 age group. The video series will consist of songs and storytelling for the smaller ones and adventure documentaries for the older ones. This is a project still in development, but hey, we are the Fun Bunch!


I-Scream and The Fun Bunch 1
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I-Scream and The Fun Bunch 2