On the road, a woman is walking along with her young son . She continually berates him as they walk :
"You are an empty child and you will never amount to anything ", she says.
This child will eventually grow up to become empty as cursed, and same mother will again wonder why this has happened to her .
From her own wretchedness It is easy to see that she's probably had sufficient practice prophesying same into the empty life of her husband.
Woman; the tongue has the power to give life and to give death. Choose life. Prophecy good things into your home,


Cerebrations and Commentaries

Of Facebook Exit

Reminiscing about Facebook, I see a colony...no, a virtual continent of lunatics, a lot of them sent there by psychiatrists as part of their therapy; a lot more actually believing every day they are well. I am astounded I used to be one of them.

Social Media

Social Media: the power to SHARE and invite people to like, brilliant and very profitable ideas and information , you have no intention of using.

Flash Sale for Charity - Somber City

I think these people are doing a fantastic job, exposing contemporary Nigerian literature to the world, and they should be financially supported by whatever means.Labors of love, such as this, are one of the few hopes left for a dying publishing industry . Buy this book. All my earning from the...

Writing Yoruba

I consider myself fortunate to be able to do my thinking in Yoruba and to be able to write them out in English. Living in immersion, I believe makes this somewhat easier to do. In my contiguous community the everyday language of conversation and commerce is Yoruba .
When writing The...

The Bata Dancer

He goes away in search of self, but he again finds love.

Yomi Bello, scriptwriter at a moribund theatre, leaves for a new town to temporarily teach English in a private school. More importantly, he is seeking escape from the pains of a divorce which has robbed him of access to his only...

Library Aid

This is a project which I am part of and care so much about. I am always deeply pained whenever I visit any public library in my country. Nigeria. Books are outdated and the equipment in deplorable state. I have more useful books in my small study than many of them have in the shelves. Help us...

Olajumoke - In The Lair Of The Monster

Angelique Kidjo is a very soulful singer. Out of all her work, the hit song “Agolo” from her AYE album quite stands out to me. Much of the Yoruba lyrics is like a love song - a ballad about the importance of letting the world be bound together by love. The melodic chorus gives more power to...

King Chameleon and more West African Folktales

King Chameleon and more West African Folktales is a selection of folklore believed to have originated from West Africa and the people who live in the region. West Africa is home to several scores of tribes, languages and dialects.
Even though, tribal cords are quite strong and languages...

The Kini-Kini Bird and more Yoruba Folktales

The Kini-Kini Bird and more Yoruba Folktales is a selection of folklore thought to have originated from the Yoruba people. The Yoruba are native to the western part of Nigeria. A few centuries ago, the cultural influence of this ethnic group stretched much further out into the West Africa...

The Foo-Foo Tree and more Efik Folktales

The Foo-Foo Tree and more Efik Folktales is a selection of folklore thought to have originated from the Efik people . The Efik are native to South East Nigeria even though they were said to have migrated from the Cameroons.
Originally the economy of the region which they occupy was based...

The State of the Storyteller's Tale

“..picture an evening scene in a native village. The sun is nearing the western horizon, seeming to fall like a huge ball behind the distant hills, the air is cool, and a solemn stillness prevails. Even the noisy youths and girls are quiet, and the time for tom-toms, crickets, bull-...

Nigerius- II

The people wanted blood and gruesome punishment.
Those who hailed the ascendance of Emperor Tiberius Buarius Ravilla to the throne wanted the heads of the nobles, whom they had convinced themselves, were the sworn enemies of their desire to be free from poverty. They wanted the nobles...

Nigerius - I

It is today twenty-one days after Tiberius Buarius Ravilla was crowned the new Emperor. It had been an event filled with great pomp and ceremony. The previous emperor Pompilius Jonatus Vespasianus even though he had been deposed was present to wish him well , as the wreath of victory was laid...

The Money- eating Goddess

"He was collecting his winner’s cheque at Baba Ijebu Lottery Limited when he espied amongst the motley press crews, a lady so fascinating in beauty that he could not take his eyes off her. She was so full of elegance, so graceful in her motion, that she did not seem real at all. Denrele wondered...

Common Tally Voo !

I aim to visit France this year if I am able to magically hustle up the bread. I have never been to that country and I have a feeling that I am not going to like it; but that is where my heart presently points , and a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do .

Why do I think I won't like...