There are a lot of ways not to do something.

Like the new boat owner a few years ago who was filling up his pleasure craft with fuel for that first time out. Only he mistook the tube meant to hold fishing poles for the gas tank. After completing his work he started up the engine.The gas fumes ignited and blew the boat owner into the sky. He came down in the drink and was rescued, but the boat was a goner.
You can be just as creative in finding ways not to write your novel. With a little thought and not much effort, you can easily devise methods to prevent yourself from...


Cerebrations and Commentaries

Yes you can !

Yes, you can !!
Instead of saying, 'We've never done it before,' say, 'We have the opportunity to be first.'
Instead of saying, 'We don't have the resources,' say, 'Necessity fuels invention.'
Instead of saying, 'There's not enough time,' say, 'We'll change how we work.'

Progress... progress

How do you make great progress in life ? Here is a suggestion: every new year, every new day, every new birthday, gather together every doubt that has been holding you back - including the voice of your low self-esteem, your childhood fears, your anxieties and your critics. Gather them up, put...

Nobody is perfect

The largest room in the world is room for improvement. Every morning we all wake up in this room ... including the people that you condemn.

Don't help them out..

The devil is indeed still going to do a lot of fantastic things today .....with a LOT of help from billions of people like you and I.

Where does love go when all you've got left is your pride ?

Terry Mcmillan is a lady who writes romance like a dude who lives in Bronx - a black dude.The characters in her books are less likely to say something like"I love you" and more likely to say "f**k you". Her first book that I read was titled "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", a very naughty book...


I was happy to learn a few days ago that my new novel, A Conference in Ennui, had made it to the longlist for the Commonwealth Book Prize. How long is a longlist ? How many other books are also on it ? This I have no idea of . Nevertheless the Commonwealth Book Prize is given for the best first...

This Is Not Right !

Have you ever wondered why God is permitting some horrible things to happen in your life ? Welcome to Conrad’s nightmare !

Conrad lives somewhere in California. His parents were pathetic specimen of the human race : they had no cares about working for a living; they smoked pot almost as a...

Dangling By My Tale

I created my first ebook about 20 years ago. It was a book titled "Staying Alive" – a practical guide on how to avoid stress and achieve good cardiovascular health. No, it didn't contain any lyrics by the BeeGees. Anyway, at this time Windows didn't quite exist nor did Bill Gates in any big way...

They Died For 25 Cents : [Footnote to a farce]

My interest was arrested by this young lady caught by a television camera.” We voted for them, but see what they have done to us ", she wept.

Now this is great I thought to myself. Their generation is finally getting to care about their future and prepared to take on the law by whatever...

Cheap death by the gallon

Without any intention of being unpleasant, I say that any action of any government anywhere, which makes petrol and diesel less affordable, should be applauded. I look at this though from the viewpoint of the health and environmental benefits.

Road emission especially and its resulting...

Helen Paul , Amos Tutuola and I

Just done watching a fantastic comedienne named Helen Paul do a 3-minute sketch on stage. It was a ditty about the lengths that women go when seeking acceptance. In her trademark childlike falsetto, She illustrated this by picking off her fingernails- fake. She took out the padding in her bra...

A Schizophrenic looks at how to end electrical power supply crisis

He had wandered as it would happen into the middle of a market – the notorious Oshodi market; a cacophonous menagerie. Street vendors yelling, bus touts yelling, fake cure-all medicine vendors yelling, schizophrenic preachers yelling, a muezzin in nearby mosque yelling, travellers...

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"A story...

Why I would never again publish in the USA

When I got myself a US based literary agent I was quite overjoyed. Getting an agent is a writer's dream ; you now do less work with finding a publisher for your next book, and you can spend your energy doing what you love doing best - writing.Well theoretically. Again getting one in USA seems...

Lies, funky lies !

How does one get love and sanity to survive hard times?

Lagos in the 70s and 80s is the setting for this thrilling story. Femi Falashe has not only lost his job; he has also lost all his money , much of his self respect, and is on his way to losing his family and his mind. But James...