“..picture an evening scene in a native village. The sun is nearing the western horizon, seeming to fall like a huge ball behind the distant hills, the air is cool, and a solemn stillness prevails. Even the noisy youths and girls are quiet, and the time for tom-toms, crickets, bull-frogs, and the miscellaneous instruments of man and Nature for the production of the most weird and inharmonious of sounds is not yet. In the compound—the courtyard round which are the family dwellings—the women with their picin (children) on their backs are busy with mortar and pestle making foo-foo (...


Cerebrations and Commentaries

Introducing Carole

Carole Jelen McClendon is my new literary agent for technical books. Carole is V.P. Literary Agent at Waterside Productions/San Francisco Bay Area www.waterside.com. She has had success in over two decades of creating top publications, moving cutting edge...

Will Pharaoh let the people go ?

Thousands of years ago, the Israelites were in this situation : they were slaves in a land called Egypt and were oppressed . But then an Egyptian arose and went to Pharaoh -" God says let these people go", the rebel told Pharaoh. Only he was not a real Egyptian but an Israelite who had been...

Do you deserve what you get ?

We always believe that we don't. This story was told to me when I was a child:
Once upon a time there were no cars , no bicycles and therefore no roads.People had to travel through thick forest . And thus this trader set off through the forest path with a lot of money for another town to...

Tough times make tough people

If things are tough for you cheer up. It only means that you are still fighting on, you are not conquered yet, you refuse to surrender, you are still growing, you are not down and out yet. If you can still feel that things are tough it only means that victory is still possible at whatever you...

Death Row

I wrote this story at the conclusion of a temporary job asignment in a high-brow office in Central London. A Temp as you probably already know is not considered a true human being. He is a like a condemned criminal, he is a transient nuisance. From the day he is employed, his days are numbered...

Those scars on my soul

It is a shallow life that leaves no scars on you. My entire soul is covered with scars from thousands of daily battles. I am becoming that fearless warrior that my childhood was ever in awe of - the man without fears..... and I am becoming in fear of the strength of my resolve.

When you want the truth

Whom would you rather ask : Google or God ?

Gone fishing ?

When people constantly flash quotes like "give a man fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime" ; don't you sometimes think they are probably selling fishing nets ? I would insist on the fish anyway, who the heck wants to be a fisherman .

Bad people

If you think the world is full of bad people, you ought to get away from that mirror of yours

How to reach your full potential

To learn is to be able to listen for those things that are never spoken. For example nature teaches us that a seedling will soon become stunted when kept in the shade. But when you plant it in the sun and the rain falls on it, the young plant grows to its full potential . Often to grow all...