I had this remarkable dream last night, in which I was severely beaten for standing up for someone who was being assaulted. Never received so much beating in my life. Therefore if you see me in your dream please don't call me. I will not answer. In fact I will be running. Merry Christmas.


Cerebrations and Commentaries

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I just found myself in the most wonderful house. I won't tell you the owner. Quite enjoying the pampering of the Filipino butler and stewards. This is way too cool.

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Amusing to watch two illiterate girls try to get money out of an ATM this afternoon. Every time the machine told them 'Insufficient Funds' but as they didn't understand, they kept trying again and again. Finally they gave up and as they walked away frustrated, advised me the machine was out of...

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Is this moringa leaf safe for human beings ? I chewed some of it the other day and consequently my head became very "correct" and I found it difficult to sleep. I think this stuff may be a narcotic. Please avoid it everyone. :(

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Survey question sent to me : Do you carry your phone in a case or naked ?

Who are these guys ? I know not about anyone else but I always wear clothes. I don't believe in going about naked . *Yawn* *tired*

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http://bible.us/1co6.15-20.niv Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with...

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I wish you all a day full of laughter :

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Wicked people spill ogbono soup on a smooth floor
~ old Indian proverb


- occupying your THOUGHTS with what other people are doing to DESTROY the world.
- occupying your hands with ACTIVITIES which will IMPROVE your own local environment.
~ rotimi ogunjobi 25/09/2015

A Theoretical Implementation of the Principles of Conjugal Bliss

A badly produced Film I just watched on TV:
Now I think this one should have been a comedy film, but it not; surprisingly. Here is the story line. A young girl living with her widowed mother. She comes home one night to find her mother on the floor, dying. She rushes out to get her mother...

Free Book App - The Lion's Dinner

This small children's story book gets published 15 Sept. For 2 weeks only , I will be giving away the Android flipbook app of this book completely free of charge. If you want the app please download from following link :

Soft Sell - (advertisement for myself)

My hands are embarrassingly soft. I have had them that way since I was a kid , and I do remember that I habitually kept them tucked in my pockets in my late teen years ; because guys made jokes about them. Indeed they did cost me a job once. Reporting at a construction site as site engineer; the...

The Liberated Ape

Now, even #Iyanla may not be looking forward to fixing this one.
A wonderful family man gets sick with the #Ebola virus. His wife fearing the worst flees the home taking the children with her, to escape the same fate. But the man makes a miraculous recovery, and this quite becomes a...

The Ebola Conspiracy

Just how much are we being told about the #Ebola virus outbreak ? I found this online

the world, this is no time for a 'blame game' . ALL HANDS MUST BE ON DECK !!

#1 As the chart below demonstrates, the spread of Ebola is starting to become exponential...

#2 This is...

Race against Super-Flu

This #Ebola epidemic has me more than worried, considering the theory going around that it might have been an American military experiment gone out of control; else why does America seem so on top of the situation and even though they've got a stash of the drug that could stop people dying...

Plaudits and Philistines - an advertisement for myself (2)

The guy pestered me for four days and nights like the very offspring of the devil himself. From all the way Indiana, You-Ess-Hey, he kept trying to make me purchase a book promotion contract. It was clear to me that he had no idea who I really was , for he kept referring to me by the pen name...