To Heliodor from Przemysl: “You write, ‘I know my poems have many faults, but so what, I’m not going to stop and fix them.’ And why is that, oh Heliodor? Perhaps because you hold poetry so sacred? Or maybe you consider it insignificant? Both ways of treating poetry are mistaken, and what’s worse, they free the novice poet from the necessity of working on his verses. It’s pleasant and rewarding to tell our acquaintances that the bardic spirit seized us on Friday at 2:45 p.m. and began whispering mysterious secrets in our ear with such ardor that we scarcely had time to take...


Cerebrations and Commentaries

Thank you sirs we are mad, not poor

Day after day I become more convinced that there is no poverty situation in my country in spite of the frequent cries to the contrary. What certainly is more prevalent is a certain madness - a culture of conspicuous consumption exhibited by a few , and the desire of the rest to emulate them ;...

How to write like a rock star (2) - write a children's book in 2 weeks.

Taking a bit of time to blog about the business of writing. Would YOU like to write a children's book... In just 14 DAYS? Writing for children is tough but extremely rewarding. Imagine strolling into your local bookstore, and seeing your children's classic lining the shelves. Children are...

How to write like a rock star - earning money in online writing opportunities

Taking a bit of time off this week to blog about the business of writing.
How would YOU like to earn money doing the same things that you do everyday on Facebook and other social media ?
The truth is that the online world , the internet, is always looking for writers - people who...

Why capitalism prospers

What a wonderful country !
If you try to sell it, you are a greedy bastard;
If you decide to give it away free, people think , hey there must be a hidden catch somewhere.
Sell it!

On demanding people

Far too many people tend to think that they have the right to have anything and everything in the world. Never be afraid to stand up to them and take them some steps down the ladder ; you will be doing their life a good deed.

How secret is your secret ?

Keep your secrets to yourself. Remember, your closest confidant also has a closest confidant who also has a closest confidant..

On sermon mongering

I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day; I'd rather one should walk with me than merely show the way. I'd rather be a role mode than an instructor.

The Crooked Bullet ... progress ...progress

I have just crossed the half way milestone on this new book I am writing. This is always for me the point of no return - there is a book to be completed. The book gets easier to write from this point ; much like the last lap of a long race. I can almost smell the champagne at the finishing line...

Excruciating ?

Writing a book is really tough. Writing a GOOD book is excras..escrus..execr...excru.. {phew} Okay I mean to say that is also very tough.

Looking at the devil

When you get suddenly shot down by a huge challenge, do you cower and throw up your arms defeated or do you look it in the face and say "hey, I met your father years ago, and if he couldn't stop me what hope do you think you have " ?

Love isn't

Love isn't a virus that you catch, it's a virtue you're supposed to wear as garment every day.

Stay in contact with your mind

Very few things hurt more than to be misunderstood by people who ought to know better; but having a vision keeps you going regardless. Stay in contact with your mind.

I do .. that is why I sometimes fail

Failure is really never such a bad thing, especially if you do things that other people are afraid to do.

Pride and prejudice

You need a certain amount of pride to succeed in life. But pride crosses the line when you begin to think your success is entirely the result of your own effort; when you can never admit you're wrong; and when things finally go wrong you're willing to go all the way to the bottom, fighting and...

On praise and insult

I'd rather wish to be insulted rather than praised in public for being found doing something good. People rarely ever broadcast your praises. Insults travel much further and more quickly.