Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities 1

Who am I ?

You may possibly have just out of curiosity done a Google search of my name to check if this guy is worth listening to.  No problem.  Let me introduce myself nevertheless.

I am a storyteller, folklorist, author, blogger, music maker and film maker.  Actually a television interviewer once described me as “a very dangerous man” and he is right too! The only creative things I am yet not able to do are those ones I have not yet tried. The ones I am able to do, I do them excellently.

I have degrees and certificates in engineering, writing, project management, software programming and social media marketing.  I have written and published nearly thirty books in various genres and I have done marketing monographs for tech companies such as IBM and Adobe.

I have lived and traveled widely within Africa, Europe .Middle East  , Asia and I am looking to hit the North America trail, very soon. I have even written and published a couple of travelogues based on my international journeys. See my Dubai and Germany diaries.

It doesn’t stop at that.  I own a growing network of specialized blogs, an online kids’ radio  and a young but  upwardly moving record label .

As an author, editor, videographer and web  branding enthusiast, especially passionate about tech, travel, kids and health products  I welcome  the opportunity to work with you.

There are three major ways we can hit it off:

1. If you’re a company or individual looking for copy-writing or copy-editing for your book , please send me an email to start the conversation. Let’s have a chat!

2. If you’re a company interested in working with me to promote your products , please send me an email to start the conversation. Let’s have a chat!

3. If you’re a business or brand, interested in increasing your brand awareness, influence and/or income, please send me an email to start the conversation. Let’s have a chat!

I am really so easy to deal with!

Brand Partnership Opportunities

I’m passionate about telling stories, any kind of story.

I should enjoy working with companies and brands that fit with my overall mission: To tell a good story in an exciting and convincing manner.

If you love a good sense of humor, a passion for holistic entertainment and a wish to transport your customers’ imagination on new and exciting visual journeys, you have found the right guy.

My social media audience (and if we partner together, your potential customers) are primarily:

– 16-70 year old of every imaginable gender;
– Located mainly in the USA, France, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Nigeria;
– Mostly college or university educated;
– Highly motivated, highly cultured , highly interested in keeping up to date with culture events and whatever else . Most are highly mobile persons  who can afford  the time or  money to adventure to their favorite destinations;
– Are very likely on the hunt for new ways to spice up their lives and businesses.

Do you need  someone to hit up a conference for you? I’m available for travel to events and specific destinations to represent your brand via my social media channels, photography and blog. Depending on the partnership, I may even assist  you to  create and run YOUR OWN  blog!

If you can’t be there – or you simply want additional high quality coverage – I’m the man you need. Just give me 10 minutes to pack my bag!


I’ve been a writer and content editor for nearly 40 years. These skills, I am able to translate directly into content that connects your brand with your community; content that generate loyal followers and customers. I am able to assist you create marketing copy that fly.


If you want to get your brand out to a specific audience on an on-going basis, partnering with me to be your brand ambassador is a lovely idea! I will work along with you to create a comprehensive plan to generate new clients, traffic, followers and ultimately more money!

Examples of brand ambassadorship opportunities available from me include regular blog posts, Twitter and Instagram shout outs, vlog posts, newsletter mentions . I will talk about you to all my social media contacts   and with very special exceptions, customary ad spaces in my network of  blogs.

Some of my active blogs:

Auntie Mo Kids Radio – Kids and Parenting Interests –
Forty Five Plus + – Of interest to the silver surfers –
Health and Wealth Hub – Income and Health Issues –
Farm Talk – Farming and gardening in Africa –
Tourvenda – Travel destination advice –

My blogs and cocial media follows are uncluttered , which makes it easier for your sponsored articles to stand out.

Let’s team up!

Ready to talk to me ? Fantastic! Let’s work together!

Email me :  . I promise to get back to you within 3 working days, though often faster. 

Thank you!

P.S Let me suggest a deal for you as an icebreaking offer. I will give you a package of :

1 blog post + 1 Instagram post + 1 Twitter shout out + 1 Pinterest post + 1 Facebook shout out = $ your price ??

Contact me !

Please visit the websites of the following great companies:

AURAGLOW – For the whitest teeth in the world
KEETSA MATTRESS – For the best sleep experience in the world
KONGA ONLINE – Nigeria’s largest online mall