The Coming of the Drummer 1

The Coming of the Drummer

A stranger arrives in the town of Alupayida. His name is Ayangalu. It is the time for the crowning of a new king, and Ayangalu has come with a delightful instrument – a drum, which adds more happiness to the celebration. Since this time, it became important that no ceremony was considered complete without Ayangalu and his drum. Young men deserted their crafts to learn from Ayangalu, about the drum. They thereafter made different drums of their own – some for pleasure, some for worship of the gods. From morning till night, day after day, the joyful sound of the drums of Ayangalu’s disciples could be heard all over the town of Alupayida. Sadness descends when Ayangalu vanishes as suddenly as he had arrived. But his memory lingers in the sound of the drums.


The Coming of the Drummer 2
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The Coming of the Drummer 3