The Incredible Pianist 1

The Incredible Pianist

I once attended a church where the piano player had no idea how to play the damn thing, and kept hitting the keys in any old way in the hope that somehow the absolutely discordant notes would miraculously come together and make some sense … that was one of the greatest demonstration of faith I ever witnessed in my life.

Week after week he kept doing this, never even bothering to learn to play the instrument. He had exceptional faith… and we the congregation had been taught to believe that lack of patience is a sin which should send us to hell fire … So he continued to play his bad music on the strength of a foolish anointing and we continued to suffer in silence on the strength of a foolish presumption.

Warning : This is not a political satire about government in Nigeria; only an anecdote I had been dying to share with someone for a very long tim

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The Incredible Pianist 2