TWO DOGS : Identity Crisis 1

TWO DOGS : Identity Crisis

Hey Bonzo,  I want to ask you a question. Are we dogs?

– – What a foolish question. I don’t know about you Lucky, but do I look like a dog to you?

– – Yep you surely do, Bonzo as far As I can see

– – You certainly can’t see far enough. Do you know what makes me different from you?

– – Tell me Bonzo, that’s why I asked you

– – Lucky ,your owner is just as dumb as you, else he wouldn’t have given you that name. You should have been called Stupid.

– – Does that mean  you don’t know the answer to my question Bonzo

– – Of course I know. I am very smart. I have many certificates to prove it . My owner is very proud of me

. – – That’s interesting. Your owner is proud of you. Do you own anything, Bonzo

– – Why should I want to own anything? My owner buys me whatever I need

– – You belong to your owner, just the same way I belong to my owner. Why will happen to us when we are too old Bonzo? They will get rid of us with nothing to our names. What a tragedy that should be

– – Nonsense , my owner loves me to bits . I am his best friend. Have you never heard the saying : a dog is a man’s best friend?

– – Are we dogs . Bonzo?

– – What ?

– – You said a Dog is man’s best friend and so I asked, are we dogs?He! He! He!

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TWO DOGS : Identity Crisis 2